Agriforenergy 2

AGRIFORENERGY 2 aims at connecting stakeholders from the supply & demand sides and fostering new bioenergy businesses in three specific sectors where action from farmers & forest owners is seen to contribute most efficiently towards the EU bioenergy objectives: biomass heating, pure vegetable oil and biogas/bio-methane. The project applies to Småland and seven other European regions. The targets are: 1) Support the establishments of agreements between farmers and consumers for new wood-energy plants; 2) Promote decentralized PVO production & use as a transport fuel; 3) Promote biogas from agricultural wastes, whether in direct combustion for heat/electricity or bio-methane for cars; 4) Establishing and training regional coordinators able to support efficient biomass business opportunities; 5) Dissemination of project results and good practices to regions with significant untapped bioenergy potential, across and beyond target countries.
Funding: Intelligent Energy Europe
The target groups are: - Farmers and forest owners - Forest entrepreneurs, operating biomass machineries - SME - small and medium sized enterprises - Public and municipal authorities - Kindergartens, schools, residential housing organizations.

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Contact: Göran Gustavsson


Institution: Energikontor Sydost

Countries: Sweden


Accesses: Public access

Domain: Functions

Forest Types: Boreal forest

Owner Types: private , public , communal , industry , mixed of the above