The project's essence is the formation of a collective of forest owners (large and small) to harvest biomass and supply it to local bio-energy suppliers in the Salland region of Overijssel (The Netherlands). The project was initiated in 2012 and is still functioning to this day. Rationale and solution Forest ownership in Salland is fragmented, and there are may small-plot owners. Maintenance and harvesting costs are therefore high, and especially forest residues are underused. Barriers are a.o. logistics, the availability of harvesting equipment Via a collective approach bundling can occur and costs can be brought down, so that the biomass residues can be harvested and supplied to bio-energy producers. The project has never been formally evaluated; however, given the fact that the collective is still functioning, the success is obvious.

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Contact: Gerard Willemsen


Institution: ANV Groen Salland

Countries: Netherlands


Geographic Contexts: Rural

Domain: Harvest

Coniferous Destinations: Energy use

Govern Actors: Owners association

Financial Supports: project funding

Owner Types: private

Scale Operations: small scale (10-50 ha)