BIOMASSUDPLUS - Developing the sustainable market of residential Mediterranean solid biofuels

The overall objective of this H2020 project is to develop integrated solutions to promote the sustainable market for Mediterranean solid biofuels for residential heating by developing and extending a quality and sustainability certification system, by assessing the existing barriers and identifying solutions with emphasis on the sustainability and quality control systems, and by the development of sustainable biomass resources information databases as an alternative to foster the identification of sustainable solid biofuels supply chains. The targets are: - Spread the BIOMASUD® quality and sustainability certification system for solid biofuels for the residential heating sector to all Mediterranean countries participating. - Extend the BIOMASUD quality and sustainability certification system to important and widely used biofuels in the residential sector. - Improve the BIOMASUD® sustainability requirements. - Make a quality assessment of the present most important solid biofuels in the markets of the Mediterranean countries. - Characterize the emissions and efficiencies of commercial biomass boilers and stoves. - Make an assessment of the present state of the solid biofuels market in the residential sector of the Mediterranean countries. - Extend the BIORAISE GIS biomass resources information system to all the Mediterranean participant countries. - Promote the use of sustainable conditions for biofuels production and use by means of adequate dissemination. The main target groups are: - Biomass producers and distributors - Laboratories - Certification bodies - Inspection bodies

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Contact: Nike Krajnc


Institution: Asociación Española de la Valorización Energética de la BIOMasa

Countries: Austria Croatia Greece Italy Portugal Slovenia Spain Turkey