Climate protection in small private forests – for owners and society (KKEG)

The joint research project "Climate protection by small private forests - for forest owners and society (KKEG)" aims to develop offers for the small private forests in Germany and to identify options for implementation, that sustainably improve the efficiency of timber production for small private forests as well as enhance the adaptation of forests to climate change and nature conservation. The joint R & D-project is divided into two subprojects: The practice-oriented Subproject 1 is carried out by GmbH. The scientific Subproject 2 is carried out jointly by the Institute of Landscape Ecology and Nature Conservation Bühl, and the Thünen Institute of International Forestry and Forest Economics.
The focus of Subproject 1 is on the development of innovative, owner-oriented practice solutions for a better counseling and support of small-scale private forest owners. Special attention is paid to the demands of the increasing number of urban forest owners. New measures are developed in seven areas. All solutions are promoting efficient, sustainable forest management in small private forests as well as the consolidation of mobilization. In Subproject 2, the societal aims and the objectives of the small-scale private forest owners, with regard to measures for climate and nature protection and efficient wood-use, are determined. On this basis, concrete offers, tailored to the objectives of society and forests owners, will be developed. The experience gained in Subproject 1, regarding the address and management of small-scale private forest owners, are incorporated into the development of the offers in Subproject 2. Parallel to the development of the specific offers, the currently used support-instruments of the "Bundeslaender" and of private service providers are analyzed. Based on this, proposals to Subproject 1, concerning a more efficient implementation of the offers, will be made.

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Contact: Christoph Neitzel


Institution: Thuenen-Institute of International Forestry and Forest Economics

Countries: Germany


Accesses: Public access

Geographic Contexts: Rural , Urban , Peri-urban

Domain: Harvest , Functions , Management , Ownership

Govern Actors: Non-government (non profit) organisations , Research Institutes

Financial Supports: project funding

Owner Types: private

Scale Operations: small scale (10-50 ha) , very small scale (<10 ha)

Ecosystem Services: Provisioning services , Regulating services , Habitat services , Cultural services