Competence Network Climate Change, Risk Management and Transformation in Forest Ecosystems (KoNeKKTiW)

KoNeKKTiW is a joint project that aims to support the forestry sector overcome hindrances that currently inhibit the further development and adaption of forest ecosystems to changing climate conditions. We employ methods such as capacity building, social learning and proactive risk management to reclaim existing knowledge and make it suitable for implementation in the practice. Because knowledge alone does not inevitably lead to action, awareness-raising is essential to sensitize decision-makers to the necessity of proactive risk management. The establishment of a “Climate Change and Transformation” Community of Practice (CoP) helps to keep the thematic on the agenda even in periods without urgent crisis, so that prevention measures receive the necessary attention. In case of natural disturbances, forest personnel and forest owners will be supported using publicly available sources to resolve the crisis quickly and in a controlled manner; e.g. the online manual “Adaption, Risk and Crisis Management”.

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Contact: Christoph Hartebrodt


Institution: Forstliche Versuchs- und Forschungsanstalt Baden-Württemberg

Countries: Germany


Accesses: Public access

Domain: Functions , Management , Ownership

Govern Actors: Other government advisory services (eg RDP) , Research Institutes

Financial Supports: project funding

Manager Types: managed by regional forest service

Owner Types: private

Ecosystem Services: Provisioning services , Regulating services , Habitat services