The proposed project aims at achieving the policy objectives of the EU environmental management promoting the improvement of marginal scrub forests by obtaining solid biofuels and thus to achieve the EU objectives in relation to the environment: climate change, forest management and renewable energy. The project aims to reduce the risk of forest fires by obtaining sustainable solid biofuels from shrub lands of high flammability risk by using innovative methods of management and harvesting in forests that are not enough known in Southern Europe. For the purpose of a reliable demonstration, four areas have been selected in the regions of Castilla-Leon and Galicia to put in practise the most adequate and environmentally sound systems for scrub biomass management and to serve as reference for the extension of technology and demonstrated methods to other areas

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Contact: Pablo Sabin

Email: psabin@agresta.org

Institution: Agresta S.Coop

Countries: Spain


Accesses: Public access

Geographic Contexts: Rural

Domain: Harvest , Management

Coniferous Destinations: Energy use

Harwood Destinations: Energy use

Govern Actors: Forest Managers / consultants/ agents , Research Institutes

Financial Supports: project funding

Manager Types: managed by professional forest manager (service provider)

Owner Types: public

Scale Operations: small scale (10-50 ha)

Ecosystem Services: Regulating services