Establishment of a coordination center to support the wood-value-chain

The project aims to create an added value from "Allgäu-Holz", or Allgäu-Wood. The subsidised project shall establish a coordination center for the value- chain-wood. This starts from the forest owner, goes over the sawmill to carpenters, architects and home builders. In addition, the regional origin of the wood shall be certified. The label "AllgäuHolz" is to be established. As in this project, it is an important task for regional development to support, where tasks alone can no longer be maintained without professional structures. With the certification of "AllgäuHolz" also the brand "Allgäu" can be supported as a label for regional products.

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Contact: Hugo Wirthensohn


Institution: Holzforum Allgäu e.V.

Countries: Germany


Geographic Contexts: Rural , Peri-urban

Domain: Harvest , Governance , Management

Coniferous Destinations: Material use (sawntimber, pulp, panel boards, posts & poles etc) , Energy use

Market Destinations: trend is increasing demand from sawmill

Forest Types: Alpine softwoodous forest

Govern Actors: Owners association , Government forest service , Forest-based corporate and industrial actors (and consortia) , State forest enterprise , Non-government (non profit) organisations , Stakeholder networks and associations , Trade chambers , Regional government , Local government , Small medium forest-based enterprise

Financial Supports: project funding , Rural development program

Manager Types: managed by forest association , managed by regional forest service

Owner Types: private , public , communal , industry , mixed of the above

Scale Operations: small scale (10-50 ha) , medium scale (50-200 ha) , large scale (>200 ha) , very small scale (<10 ha)

Ecosystem Services: Provisioning services , Regulating services , Habitat services , Cultural services