GPS-border identification on own-initiative

The exact border demarcation of one’s own forest property is a basic piece of information if the owner wants to operate legally there. That is why the Land of Thuringia started project “GPS-border identification on own-initiative”,GPS-Grenzfindung in Eigenregie, was initiated in 2015. Five forestry merges could be equipped with GPS-technology. These, in turn, can offer their members a very attractive service, which could help to recruit new members for their own growth. Forestry merges are professionally supported by staff of the “Promoting private forests in Thuringia”,Privatwaldförderung Thüringen, that is offering GPS-border identification for many years. The need of GPS-border identification is still high.

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Contact: Markus von Willert


Institution: gGmbH

Countries: Germany


Accesses: Public access

Domain: Harvest , Functions , Governance , Management , Ownership

Govern Actors: Owners association , Forest-based corporate and industrial actors (and consortia) , Universities and other educational organisations

Financial Supports: project funding

Manager Types: managed by forest association

Owner Types: private

Ecosystem Services: Provisioning services , Regulating services