Increase knowledge and capacity of management of under-utilized birch woodland

Even though Scotland has a rich woodland heritage and a very active forestry sector, the nature of the forestry industry is that it is cyclical and seasonal in its employment patterns and primarily focused on the economic utilisation of larger, predominantly coniferous sites. This is reflected in Lochaber where the forestry sector concentrates on the larger Sitka Spruce plantations, from both the point of view of management and markets. This leaves a substantial amount of forest that is not currently being managed; almost a quarter of the mapped woodland (19210 ha - 149 private owners) has never had grant or a felling licence nor do they have a long-term management scheme in place. 3759ha have no ownership or management data at all. In addition, many of the areas that do have management plans have significant areas of woodland that are not currently being managed. This includes woodland in public and private ownership.

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Contact: Amanda Calvert, Phil Tidey, Gary Kerr


Institution: Small Woods, Small Woods, FCRA

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