Consolidated professional know-how in steep terrain conditions as a way to broaden practitioners’ wood mobilization horizon

The pilot project reported here ran from 2014 to 2017 in France. Its objective was to favor wood mobilization in region “Auvergne” and evaluate the measure being implemented, namely capacity building of forest practitioners about sustainable logging practices in steep terrain and related forest management requirements. Based on regional context and local status-quo within the forest-based sector, attention was focused on this specific resource identified as being almost untapped: forest growing in steep terrain. For the latter, the “bonus” difficulties (topography, few forest roads, uncertainty on wood quality due to minimal silviculture…) adding up to the “usual” ones (ownership fragmentation, lack of infrastructures and human resources for logging operations…) are usually preventing wood mobilization.

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Contact: Morgan Vuillermoz


Institution: FCBA

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Accesses: Public access

Geographic Contexts: Rural

Domain: Harvest , Management

Coniferous Destinations: Material use (sawntimber, pulp, panel boards, posts & poles etc) , Energy use

Harwood Destinations: Material use (sawntimber, pulp, panel boards, posts & poles etc) , Energy use

Market Destinations: trend is increasing demand from sawmill , trend is increasing demand from pulp and panel board industry , trend is increasing demand from energy plants , trend is increasing demand for firewood

Forest Types: Alpine softwoodous forest , Mountainous beech forest

Govern Actors: Owners association , Government forest service , Other government advisory services (eg RDP) , Forest-based corporate and industrial actors (and consortia) , Forest Managers / consultants/ agents , Stakeholder networks and associations , Regional government , Local government , Small medium forest-based enterprise

Financial Supports: government forest planting support scheme , government forest management support scheme , project funding

Manager Types: managed by owner , managed by professional forest manager (service provider)

Owner Types: private , communal

Scale Operations: very small scale (<10 ha)