Mobilising additional wood fuel from conifer first thinning

The pilot project ran from 2014 to 2017 in the south of Ireland. Its objective to was to increase the mobilisation of timber from conifer first thinning through a method called Integrated Harvesting which would in addition to mobilising more biomass would increase income for forest owners. Private forestry in Ireland is young by European standards. As such the mobilisation of timber from first thinnings requires the construction of a harvesting road. This combined with low revenue often means the first thinning operation is loss making and consequently forest owners will not thin. This SIMWOOD Pilot Project focused on increasing the yield from first thinning through the extraction of more biomass from the thinning through Integrated Harvesting. The Veon company experimented with the method to find the optimal solution and then created a Decision Support Tool and Guide for foresters and forest owners to help them decide if this method was suitable for their forest.

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Contact: Daragh Little


Institution: VEON

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Accesses: Public access

Geographic Contexts: Rural

Domain: Harvest , Ownership

Coniferous Destinations: Material use (sawntimber, pulp, panel boards, posts & poles etc) , Energy use

Harwood Destinations: Energy use

Market Destinations: trend is increasing demand from energy plants , trend is stable demand from sawmill , trend is stable demand for firewood

Forest Types: Acidophylous oak and oak-birch forest , Mire and swamp forests , Non-riverine alder, birch / aspen forest , Plantations and self-sown exotic forest

Govern Actors: Government forest service , Forest-based corporate and industrial actors (and consortia) , Forest Managers / consultants/ agents , Non-government (non profit) organisations , Universities and other educational organisations , National government , Local government , Small medium forest-based enterprise

Financial Supports: government forest planting support scheme , government forest management support scheme , tax benefits , project funding

Manager Types: managed by owner , managed by professional forest manager (service provider) , managed by forest association

Owner Types: private

Scale Operations: small scale (10-50 ha) , very small scale (<10 ha)