A multiscale integrative approach for participative sustainable wood mobilization

Forestry in the Northeast region is in general poorly developed. With the exception of sweet chestnut agroforestry systems that are managed actively for the production of chestnuts, forest systems, despite their abundance, do not receive much attention from owners or from regional and local stakeholders. Their importance in the economy of the region is thus apparently low. However, there is evidence that forests in the region supply a large array of ecosystem services, some of which with market value, what indicates that these forests not just have high actual importance but also that have the potential to become relevant as sources of products and ecosystem services in the near future. Major constraints such as lack of awareness of the importance of forests, lack of mobilization policy and management strategies at the regional/local scale, lack of information and tools for planning and management, and ownership related issues, among other, limit local use of forests as sources of resources and as promoters of development in the region.

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Contact: Joao Azevedo, Ana Alves

Email: jazevedo@ipb.pt

Institution: IPB, Arborea

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Domain: Harvest , Functions , Governance , Management , Ownership