Promote forest owners interest in forest management through contact with foresters

The pilot project reported here ran from September 2016 to June 2017 in France. Its objective was to favor wood mobilization in the Soissonnais Marnais through promote forest owners’ interest in forest management. Based on regional context and local status-quo shared by the local actors of forest sector, this project was focused on an area the Soissonnais Marnais. Indeed, the forest land of this area is characterised by small properties highly fragmented, where local professional foresters has few contact with owners.However, this forest can have interesting economic value due valuable broadleaves, such as oak and ash, growing in this area.

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Contact: Cyrille PUPIN


Institution: Cooperative Forests & Bois de l'Est

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Geographic Contexts: Rural

Coniferous Destinations: Material use (sawntimber, pulp, panel boards, posts & poles etc) , Energy use

Harwood Destinations: Material use (sawntimber, pulp, panel boards, posts & poles etc) , Energy use

Market Destinations: trend is increasing demand from energy plants , trend is stable demand from sawmill , trend is stable demand from pulp and panel board industry

Forest Types: Plantations and self-sown exotic forest

Govern Actors: Owners association , Government forest service , Forest-based corporate and industrial actors (and consortia) , Forest Managers / consultants/ agents , Non-government (non profit) organisations , Trade chambers , Small medium forest-based enterprise

Financial Supports: government forest planting support scheme , government forest management support scheme , government product incentive scheme , project funding

Manager Types: managed by professional forest manager (service provider)

Owner Types: private

Scale Operations: very small scale (<10 ha)

Ecosystem Services: Provisioning services