Rural Development Forest Owner Projects

This project is about supporting forest owner discussion groups with a facilitator to develop the group commercially and mobilise timber. This involved grants from the Rural Development Programme, for facilitators to develop producer groups, build up inventories and to plan mobilisation of timber. Local discussion group committees directed the work of the facilitators, who were supported by the wider membership in collating data for the group. Grants varied in each county from 6 months to three years with varying levels of success. Much of the work was duplicated across groups. Much of the work resulted in the development of forest inventories for members of local discussion groups in addition to formal training courses and field days. Challenges included inadequate economy of scale to engage contractors, marketing timber and duplication of effort and lack of standardisation. Many discussion groups started to evolve into a commercial producer group and plan for timber mobilisation.

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Contact: Alex Kelly


Institution: Irish Wood producers

Countries: Ireland


Accesses: Public access

Geographic Contexts: Rural

Domain: Harvest , Management , Ownership

Coniferous Destinations: Material use (sawntimber, pulp, panel boards, posts & poles etc) , Energy use

Market Destinations: trend is increasing demand from sawmill , trend is increasing demand from pulp and panel board industry

Govern Actors: Non-government (non profit) organisations , Owners association , Other government advisory services (eg RDP) , Stakeholder networks and associations , Local government

Financial Supports: Rural development program

Manager Types: managed by company, who is the forest owner , managed by forest association

Owner Types: private

Scale Operations: small scale (10-50 ha)

Ecosystem Services: Regulating services , Habitat services