Stoken op Streekhout

The project period was from 2009 - 2011. The main objective of the project was to increase utilisation of landscape elements (small forest plots, line plots, etc.) by harvesting biomass for use in small boilers. Dutch partners were: the nature organisations ‘t Onderholt, PAN en VAN Berkel & Slinge (all private), the organisation 'Natuurlijk Platteland Oost' (private). German partners were all public: Kreise Grafschaft Bentheim, Steinfurt, Warendorf, Coesfeld en Borken.
The project lists as accomplishments: 1)Maintenance of landscape element in 30 municipalities; 2)25 SMEs participated; 3)15.000 m3 of wood chips have been harvested; 4)Educational sessions and workshops on harvesting methods, wood-fired boilers, etc; 5)Studies on biomass potentials in the region Furthermore it is claimed that the interest into use of local wood residues for heating has improved because of the project. After the project a collective was formed, called VALA. This collective, which is a merger of six agricultural collectives carries out a number of activities. It is however unclear if these activities also include wood harvesting and supply to boilers.

Funding: EU Interreg IVa, project 621

More info

Contact: Carel de Vries


Institution: VALA

Countries: Germany Netherlands


Domain: Harvest , Functions , Management

Coniferous Destinations: Energy use

Harwood Destinations: Energy use

Govern Actors: Owners association , Regional government , Local government , Small medium forest-based enterprise

Financial Supports: project funding

Owner Types: private , public

Scale Operations: small scale (10-50 ha)