Thinning intensity influence in tree growth and mushroom production in mixed forest in Castile and Leon (Spain)

The target of this Pilot project, titled Thinning intensity influence in mixed forest stands, was to enhance wood mobilization in mixed forests by increasing silvicultural operations, taking account the impact of thinning in tree growth and mushroom production. To address the target in practice, an action plan was prepared through a series of interventions. So, firstly a marteloscope focus study installed at the heart of the region to serve as a demostration and training site, to conduct research activities and to insight by simulations on the tree selection impact on forest structure. As well as this, a thinning experiment was established middle aged Pinus plantations, managed to wood production, to test four different thinning intensities, which allow us know the best thinning intensity to reduce the uncertainty of the managers before carrying out thinning operations. On the other hand, mushrooms inventories were carried out to assess the effect of thinning intensity in fungal production. A mixed model was fitted and showed that, in Lactarius deliciosus productivity, in pole and in mixed stands, there were smaller productivity with higher stand basal area, therefore, competition has a great influence in the emergence of this species. Respect to the number of years after last thinning in mature stands, results showed that the more spacing in time, the smaller productivity of Lactarius. Besides, a new model for fungal productivity in Maritime pine (Pinus pinaster) ecosystems was fitted. The model obtained is a useful tool to be used as guidelines for forest managers who wish to consider optimization of fungal production in operational forestry through silviculture.

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Contact: Felipe Bravo, Pablo Sabin, Beatrice de la Parra


Institution: UVA, Agresta, ECM

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Domain: Functions , Management